Sunday, November 30, 2008

If you want a Public Holiday, how about a Day to commemorate the English Revolution?

The 17th Century isn't a period that is popular any more. I asked my kids about what they study in History at School and they reply that its all modern history and give my that glazed look that you get from a youth not really interested in the subject matter. Yet when a historical drama comes on TV like for example Rome, the Tudors or over the last couple of weeks, The Devils Whore, interest and enthusiasm is sparked and the kids are engaged in discussion about the subject matter and searching the Internet over the characters involved.

The Devils Whore is a story based around historical fact. The characters and events around the lead role inspire many a google entry by kids with a hunger to find out what the period was about. It certainly made me reconsider the importance of the period and after reading this in today's Observer share the call for making January 30th, the date Charles the First was beheaded as a national holiday. After all if the USA can have an Independence Day couldn't we have a English Revolution Day?

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Robert said...

Good solid English holiday we in Wales would of want our own.