Friday, November 7, 2008

Lets have proper investigations into work.

There have been reports about the slight fall in accidents/fatalities at work. Obviously the celebration of less accidents is normally to be clebrated but this report by Unite shows that there has been a significant drop in HSE investigations for a variety of reasons.
This is completely unacceptable.
The Government has to ensure enough resources for the HSE to investigate all workplace accidents and injuries. There has to be a halt to any cutbacks in the power of the HSE to do its job and where necessary to prosecute dangerous employers.

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Robert said...

My accident in 1991 was called as a major incident, classed as the most serious, the company accepted liability saying it was an error which would never happen again but it did. They had not services a lifting hoist for ten years when I used it to lift me it snapped and I fell 42ft hitting something on the way down. breaking my back but damaging my spinal cord, my life has been in turmoil since with chronic pain, but I've been told that unless I can prove something else is wrong I will be transfered to JSA at my next medical. Great news lower benefits.