Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Left positions on the Refinery Strikes

Thought I would list left positions I would agree with outside of the Union remit.

Firstly I would bring your attention to the LRC position here. The Socialist Party , who have done some very credible work amongst the strikers and deserve applause can be found here.
The CPB position can be best demonstrated by buying the Morning Star and due to the miracles of modern technology the MS view can be found here and here.
Permanent Revolution have a good position here.
Andy Newman has blogged on the issue in a consistent manner here.

I have been extremely let down by the SWP and the normally good Lenin, the AWL and the Workers Power micro grouplet who have taken confusing and extremely unhelpful positions.
My apologies to anyone I have forgotten including the Labour Party who have just, well , forgotten!!


Jon Rogers said...

Thanks for this post Ian - helpful to bring the links together like this and I agree with your assessment.

Paul said...

'ere, I'm in the Labour party nd Ive not forgotten. I'm feeling quite lonely mind