Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Offer.

A new offer will be put to the strikers tomorrow. Unite has put a release on their website here.

IREM the Company at the centre of this dispute need to come clean on a number of issues. Why arent they signed up to the NAECI agreement which is supposed to operate on the Lindsey site? Why havent TOTAL, the client, ensured this has happened?
Why dont IREM be transparent and show the unions the rates they pay their workers and the terms and conditions the are under? To just say its the same, as Mandelson believes, is bollocks.

My view is that to go to the trouble of moving a company and its workforce from the otherside of Europe, the client must make it worth their while, and considering that pay, terms and conditions are the most expensive outlay for any business, signing up to the NAECI would not have made business sense. This company in my view were undercutting the workers here and using European Law to do it, and unless someone can show evidence to the contrary.........., the contracts are confidential!!!

This offer does not solve the problem of social dumping. Only strong , organised Trade Union opposition can stop it.

Mark Seddon in the Guardian yesterday. (Hat tip Socialist Unity)

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David Lindsay said...

Globalism in general, the EU in particular, and for that matter Thatcher’s anti-union laws, are on the brink of defeat in Britain this week.

As someone once said, “Rejoice, Rejoice”.